Configurator Help

Configurator instructions

How to configure your ideal system:

•  On the right-hand edge of the screen you can see the standard system configuration recommended by POLAR.

•  To change the preselected components, click on the corresponding Working Process tab. Here you find alternative components and optional features (if these are technically compatible and available for your system).

•  Choose your new component by clicking into the white dot in the right-hand blue triangle.
(On the right-hand edge of the screen the selected configuration will be updated immediately.)

•  Once you have made your selections in all of the processes, click on the "Add” button.

•  On the right-hand edge of the screen you see a list of all the system components you have selected. You can continue by clicking on either of the buttons "Request a quote" or "Edit shopping cart".

You can deselect individual items in your shopping cart (deselect X).
PLEASE NOTE: Deselection of the main article, i.e. the system itself, will cause the entire configuration to be removed.

•  Clicking the button "back to selection" will take you back to the first step of the system configuration. Now you have to repeat all the steps in order to reconfigure the system.
PLEASE NOTE: Unless you have completely removed it  from your shopping cart, the previous configuration is still contained in the shopping cart. You can easily delete these articles later by clicking on the command “Edit shopping cart”.

•  After you have clicked on "Request a quote" you can see a list of the items you have selected. You can delete any products you have selected by mistake and write your additional comments into this section.

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